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Soroti Regional Museum

Soroti Regional Museum

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Newly built, located in the heart of Soroti, Soroti Museum tells the story of the Iteso people in Uganda. It unravels their origin, histories, socio economic lifestyle in relation to the environmental changes, political transformations, contemporary, and external influences.

Aspects of the Iteso cultural heritage are presented through ethnographic, archeological, and scientific collections. In addition, the museum provides an outdoor experience of a typical homestead [Ere Etesot] depicting the lifestyle of the people.

The museum displays the socio and political structures; traditional leadership and prominent personalities who played a leading role in Uganda politics and attainment of Independence are covered.

Charges are:

Students: UGX 1,000/-.

Adults (Ugandans): UGX 3,000/-.

Adults (foreigners): UGX 10,000/-