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Hiking, Walking & Biking

Whether you would like to stroll a short loop, hike for hours, or bike for the distance – there is a trail in Teso for you. With so many route options, hiking, walking, or biking are excellent ways to explore the wonders of Teso’s history, culture, and landscape. Oh, the places you will see and the adrenaline you will have!
Kachumbala rock is located in the Teso sub-region in the eastern part of the country (Uganda). It is in Kachumbala County in Bukedea district. Kachumbala rock is named after the local Area can easily be spotted while driving along Mbale […]
A scramble up a rocky footpath brings you to the top of Kapir Rock and rewards you with some spectacular views over the lakes and swamps, distant rocky outcrops and mountains and the cultivated, bushy grasslands of Teso. It is […]
The Nyero rock paintings are located in eastern Uganda in Kumi District, 8 km (5.0 mi) west of Kumi town, about 250 km (155.3 mi) from the capital city Kampala. The Nyero rock paintings are among the most important rock […]
The region of Teso is home to Opiyai Rock which provides some of the best climbing experiences in North Eastern Uganda. On a smooth tarmac road from Mbale through Teso Towns and crossing to either to Karamoja or Northern Uganda, […]
We love our local food markets, and you will too. Imagine it, year-round fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, meat, livestock, and much more. From the farm, straight to your kitchen. We love our markets so much, we have so many of […]
What to carry:

Water, Teso can get really hot so please stay hydrated.

Insect repellant.

First aid kit.

Snacks, just in case you get hungry.

Umbrella/rain jacket just in case it rains