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We want you to see and experience all the things that make us proud to be a part of the Teso region. We are always looking for volunteers! Be part of Experience Teso.


Arts & Culture

Experience the artistic side of Teso with an array of locally made and handcrafted jewellery, home décor, clothes, and art pieces. Whether you are staying in town or just dropping in for a visit, take a little bit of Teso with you. Please note that many of the locations are cash only. Majority of the locations for the arts and culture in Teso have free entrance but donations are always welcome. Check out some of the colour and creativity in Teso:
Teso art is vibrant, full of colour, and a beautiful illustration of the nature and culture you will see while out and about. The arts and crafts shops provide unique items for your jewellery collection, home, office, keepsake, or gifts. […]
Newly built, located in the heart of Soroti, Soroti Museum tells the story of the Iteso people in Uganda. It unravels their origin, histories, socio economic lifestyle in relation to the environmental changes, political transformations, contemporary, and external influences. Aspects […]
Iteso love music and love to dance. One of the favourites that gets any Itesot on the dancefloor is Emali, a tune created in the 1980’s that has become a household record at events celebrated in Teso. Throughout the year, […]